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It has been five years since we started the internship business that connects Japan and overseas. We believe that the property of the overseas internship business is "people" above all. Thanks to everyone, the total number of Mongolian people who have completed the internship has exceeded about 500. What kind of image does Mongolia have for Japanese people?

Renamed to Mongolia in 1992, it is still a young country just four and a half centuries after embarking on the path to democratization. There were many difficulties after the system change, but thanks to Japan's sincere support, we have overcome the challenges. Japan is indispensable to Mongolia, and it has become a familiar "third neighbor". The number of visitors to Japan in Mongolia was 500 in 1989, but reached 20,000 in 2016.

Also, I think people have the image of a nomad when they think about Mongolia, but it continues to develop as a country with abundant underground resources. However, Mongolia, a young country, still lacks the know-how and technology for industrial development. The power of Japanese food culture and manufacturing technology, which is said to be the largest in the world, is essential, and I think it is an opportunity for Japanese companies to develop into the world.

All the Wings staff want to be a bridge for everyone who is spreading their wings for Japan and overseas.



田中 紀帆







Our Mission is to connect more effective people and organisations.

We help people find work they love and organisations find workers they care about.

If you love what you do at work, you will be a better person in all parts of your life.

We do this by offering:
・customised internship programs,
・engaging career courses,
・interactive employability workshops,
・and help people and businesses with their personal and professional branding.


Our Vision is to inspire people to have their dream careers.

More effective people and organisations that dream, believe, create and deliver!

In the age of the intelligent individual, we believe that the key measure of success is when effective people and organisations engage in open, honest, two-way symmetrical communication based on understanding and meaning.

We therefore help people develop to the best of their abilities, so they can have what they want and need, which will helps us develop to the best of our abilities.

We show leadership in offering education programs that enable and transform the way people and business find, manage, interact and communicate with one another, and thus make us a company that understands and satisfies the education, entertainment and self-actualization needs of our customers.


We'll be the bridge for those people who are spreading their wings

We are a forward-looking company with a fun and interesting brand!

Our team reflects global backgrounds and global experience. We are part of an extraordinary workplace where people exercise open communication, constructive criticism, personable attitudes and room for individual and team development.

We are people with a shared destiny, who will fail and succeed together under one powerful concept that will make us more efficient, competitive, creative, collaborative and balanced.

As individuals, we act and think as one. Together, we strive for excellence.


Company name World wings Co., Ltd.
Location 〒541-0059
Bakurocho Estate Building 2F
1-4-10 Bakurocho, Chuo Ward, Osaka City
Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Tel 06-4963-3774
Fax 06-4963-3775
Business content ・International internships and support services for international students
・Paid and free employment agency business and human resource development business
・Support business for specific technical intern trainees
・Consulting services related to overseas investment and business expansion
・Comprehensive import / export trade business
・Purchase, sale and import / export of antiques based on the antiques business law
・Management of overseas and domestic tourism, inn business, tourism, leisure, sports education, etc.
・Sales agent
・Real estate sales, leasing, brokerage, mediation and management and related market research, advertising and advertising
・Restaurant management
・International Cultural Exchange Program, Translation and Interpretation
・Production, processing, sale and import / export of livestock products
・Business matching business and introduction business of business partners
・All business that follows the previous items
Capital 10,000,000¥
Bank Mizuho Bank
Associated company Thousand sakura Co., Ltd.(Mongolian branch)