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For Japan and the overseas, we'll be the bridge for those people who are spreading their wings

HR Introduction

We would like to introduce the human resources of foreign nationality who have specialized knowledge and skillset and those who can be trained to entrust responsible positions in the future.

International internship

Accepting overseas intern students, such as by reviewing the accepting will lead to an increase in employees motivation to work. Motivated students have a positive impact on employees.

International trade

We specialize in overseas transactions in the Asian region, and will boldly take on the challenge of expanding trade to Europe and other parts of the world.

Overseas expansion consulting

We can provide consistent services at each stage from the beginner to the advanced in overseas business development.

Status of residence grant rate

All visa-related items are checked by an administrative scrivener!

Many applicants for employment in Japan!

Customers rate it as "high retention rate".

Customer satisfaction

"Thank you" from our business partners is our driving force

Employee satisfaction

Our intern students and workers are satisfied to their working environment.


Customer's "Thank you" is our driving force

“Since 2017, we have been able to accept excellent students from Mongolia as an internship every year. It gives good inspiration to our employees. We are always grateful.”
“We got employees and technical intern trainees introduced to us. Those people are still working hard at our company. We are planning to continue accepting 3 people as technical intern trainees.”
“I am very grateful for the quick response and the good follow-up of the students who introduced me. We are looking forward to hearing from you.”
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