Company profile

Company name World wings Co., Ltd.
Established 2021/6/1
Location 〒660-0892
Hyogo Amagasaki-shi, Higashinaniwa-cho, 5-17-23 Daiichi Sumiken Amagasaki Building 2nd floor
Tel 06-4707-7227(Amagasaki Headquarters)
Fax 06-4707-7228 (Amagasaki Headquarters)
Business content ・International internships and support services for international students
・Paid and free employment agency business and human resource development business
・Support business for specific technical intern trainees
・Consulting services related to overseas investment and business expansion
・Comprehensive import / export trade business
・Purchase, sale and import / export of antiques based on the antiques business law
・Management of overseas and domestic tourism, inn business, tourism, leisure, sports education, etc.
・Sales agent
・Real estate sales, leasing, brokerage, mediation and management and related market research, advertising and advertising
・Restaurant management
・International Cultural Exchange Program, Translation and Interpretation
・Production, processing, sale and import / export of livestock products
・Business matching business and introduction business of business partners
・All business that follows the previous items
Director Hitoshi Igarashi
Auditor Kazumasa Oishi
Capital 10,000,000¥
Bank Amagasaki Shinkin Bank Higashinaniwa Branch
Group enterprise WBP Group Co., Ltd.
JIT Co., Ltd.
Thousand sakura Co., Ltd.(Mongolian branch)